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Realia Group’s companies are Huoneistokeskus, SKV Kiinteistönvälitys, Huom! Huoneistomarkkinointi, Realia Isännöinti and Realia Management. For more information about Realia Group, go to www.realia.fi.

Terms of use

Realia Group’s and its companies’ web pages information is displayed as it is. Realia Group Oy is not responsible for the sites’ content, rightfulness, accuracy, reliability nor the damages caused from direct or indirect use of the information. Realia Group Oy reserves the right, without further notice at any given time, change the content of the sites, block access to the sites or discontinue the internet service.

Some parts of the Realia Group’s and its companies’ web sites require entering personal information. Personal information is only collected voluntarily and within customer’s knowledge. The personal information collected from services requiring registration is part of Realia Group’s customer register. This information is only used to maintain and nurture the customer relationship, customer- and direct marketing as well as for customer- and market research. Realia Group Oy does not give out any personal information for outside parties, unless it is required by law or required in services of Realia Group or the companies part of Realia Group, where usage is in line with the criteria mentioned above, or in matters related to debt collection. Personal information is not transferred outside EU or ETA unless it is necessary for executing the handling of technical information.

The user is responsible for the secrecy of a possible user ID and for its use.

The user is reliable for compensation to Realia Group Oy or directly to other parties for misuses as well as ones behavior contradicting law or contract.

Realia Group’s and its companies’ web site may include external sources for sites maintained by another party. Realia Group is not responsible for the content and the lawfulness of the actions related to registering the collected personal information in these sites.

Copying the content in full or in parts of Realia Group’s or its companies’ web sites is forbidden according to the copyright law, apart from few copies for private use or temporary copies which are necessary for the normal use of the web site in one’s own computer.

Using the information in Realia Group Oy’s web sites for other that private use is forbidden without a given permission from Realia Group Oy.