Real estate management services for residential properties

Realia Management is the largest provider of real estate management services for rental and right-of-occupancy properties in Finland. We manage over 40,000 apartments.

Our services include:

  • Property management
  • Residential leasing
  • Energy services
  • Financial management services
  • Construction contracting and project management services


Depending on the strategy of our customer, our operational mode supports either short- or long-term property ownership by optimising costs and profits and by ensuring tenant satisfaction.

Our strengths include an extensive knowledge of the housing market and a comprehensive national service network, where our local experts work close to our customers and the tenants of the properties. We are familiar with local market conditions, such as local demand, price and rental levels as well as with the local service providers. We utilize our diverse expertise, experience and comprehensive network for managing the housing assets of our customers with care and professional competence.


Our housing managers operate from Realia’s offices which are located near the residential properties and have the full operative responsibility for the investor’s portfolio.

Active representation of the owner and looking after the lifecycle of the property and also living comfort of the tenants are important to us. We also excel in optimizing and controlling the incomes and expenses. Management, co-operation and control of service providers (including property maintenance) and re-organisation of activities, when required, play a key role in our operations.

Thanks to our centralized procurement and framework agreements, our customers receive considerable price and delivery term benefits, as well as high quality service.

Looking after energy efficiency and environmental matters are nowadays essential focus areas, which is why we also utilize the most suitable energy-efficient solutions in our business and in its development. We guide and encourage our customers to use energy-efficient tools and services in their activities and produce the needed comprehensive feasibility and investment calculations to support the decision-making of our customers.

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