Financial management services

We create, provide, and develop diverse financial management services for our customers. We take care of the financial management of real estate properties and housing companies throughout their lifecycle and work in close cooperation with our real estate and housing managers as well as auditors and officials. We produce reports for individual companies, properties, portfolios, and owners of all kinds.

The customers of our financial management services include over 1,000 private housing companies, real estate companies both mutual and regular, foundations, associations, limited companies, owner organisations and group structures. Every year, our financial management team of more than 70 professionals process approximately 400,000 purchase invoices, monitors the rent accounts of over 25,000 apartments and commercial premises, and produces over 1,000 financial statements.

We provide comprehensive financial management services for the real estate sector:

  •  Accounts payable and accounts receivable 
  • Operation of payments 
  • General ledger accounting
  • Invoicing
  • Payroll
  • Financial statements and management reports
  • Group accounts and consolidation
  • Project accounting
  • Ad hoc reporting and projects
  • Accounting for housing and real estate companies
  • Accounting for corporations, limited companies etc
  • Fixed asset accounting
  • Rent roll and leasehold management 
  • Reporting for authorities
  • Portfolio reporting
  • Fund reporting

In our work, we utilise software designed specifically for financial management in the real estate sector. Electronic financial management means that as a producer of financial management services, we can efficiently serve our clients irrespective of their locations. 

The financial management services package is easily scalable to different needs, and we can provide the preferred financial management package at a fixed monthly price or on the basis of services rendered. The financial management services can be provided as a stand-alone service or as part of the overall management service.

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