Residental property management

Realia Management is one of Finland’s largest housing management companies for rental and right-of-occupancy properties. We manage a stock of over 60 000 apartments. Together with Realia isännöinti Oy, we serve our customers in 45 localities and five accounting centers. We procure products and services for our customers worth EUR 400 million annually.

Realia’s services aimed at large property owners are based on active and independent operations utilising our entire organisation, as well as steering and development activities. The goals set together with the owner define the direction of the activities. Profit and life cycle thinking and optimisation of tenant comfort are the cornerstones of our property management activities.

Ensuring energy efficiency and environmental sustainability is important also for us at Realia Management, and will definitely continue to be so in the future.

Cost savings with centralized procurement services

We procure products and services for our customers worth EUR 400 million annually. Centralized procurement and framework agreements ensure that we can provide our customers with considerable price and delivery benefits, as well as deliveries meeting high quality. Thus our property managers can spend more time on the maintenance and development of the property.

Ethics, transparency and the contractor’s liability are key principles guiding our purchase management.

Tailored and carefully organized service according customers’ needs

The scope of work, responsibilities and software in use vary depending on the customer's own operative model and resources. Annual objectives, milestones, metrics and management models are always designed together. If customer has several properties, Customer account manager is the one point of contact on Realia Management’s side and responsible of the end to end service. They coordinate resources, put the customer's objectives and operating models into practice and report the way agreed. The property managers appointed for the property will be in charge of operations.

Our core processes with related documents are part of our enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, which means that our operating model is uniform regardless of the locality and individual.

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