Our services

We provide a comprehensive range of expert services in the field of property management. Our customers include Finnish and foreign real estate investors, institutional investors, private and public sector owners and users of commercial and residential properties, as well as fund management and asset management companies, banks and many other real estate sector operators.

KJ-Kiinteistöjohto and Corbel have merged into Realia Management during spring 2017. Realia Management now offers a wider network of property management services and experts.

Our services include:

Quality policy

“Our mission is to provide the best customer service in the real estate business”

For us quality means providing the right services at the correct time for the customer’s changing needs.  Central to our operation is understanding  and meeting the customer’s needs as well as the on-going development of our methods of action and our service selection. 

The development work of our company is based on continuous monitoring and improving our operations in accordance to the changes, goals, requirements and regulations set by our industry and our customers. We are committed to meeting these recognized needs in all our activities.  Our operation is guided by ethical guidelines that both our staff and our suppliers are bound by.

Each Realia Management employee is responsible for the quality of their work, whether that work is done independently or together with others.

Quality goals

  • To meet the goals of our assignment contracts and  our customers’ needs 
  • The appropriateness of our services and the correct timing
  • The continued development of our customer relationships, ways of operation, documentation and services on the basis of observed changes and needs
  • Achieving our set financial and strategic goals 

The fulfilment of our quality goals is constantly monitored by named persons responsible for those goals, regularly in management groups and in the yearly management surveys. The achievement of our goals is also measured by regularly conducted customer and employee surveys.