Properly timed maintenance work and alterations save rental property owners’ time and cut costs

By scheduling and planning real estate maintenance work and alterations, owners ensure that their property remains technically viable, safe and better rentability. At the same time, the continued comfort of the property users is ensured.

At Realia Management, construction services are an integral part of building maintenance and management, and maintenance work and alterations are carried out in close cooperation with owners, users and property managers. Cooperation has resulted in cost savings, flexibility and better predictability for property owners.

Renovation and maintenance work as part of the long-term maintenance plan

It is important to plan the maintenance and renovation of buildings good time, especially when it comes to major measures. This allows the work to be reasonably timed, for example when letting a property. The most benefit is gained when construction professionals participate in the annual planning and a holistic approach is taken to the property. There are several benefits of this:

  • The property owner’s workload is reduced–professionals keep the overall picture in mind and manage long-term planning  
  • Project tendering and supervision are handled by professionals with comprehensive networks
  • The availability, rentability and value of the property are considered over the long term
  • Maintenance costs are more predictable and can be divided and phased over several years

For maintenance and alterations, the real estate strategy is considered in order to avoid duplication of work

The overall management and long-term planning of the property enable future projects and plans to be taken into account in alteration projects. For example, if part of a property is being altered in accordance with the tenant's wishes, this can be used to further a maintenance project that is upcoming in two years' time:

For instance, in the case of tenant renovations, new fire alarms may be partially used if it is known that renovation of the property is on the agenda in the next few years. The same principle applies to the renewal of other systems. When the work is done with an eye to the future, there is no need to disturb tenants in repeated renovations.

Not everything can be anticipated–additional resources add flexibility  

Despite comprehensive maintenance plans, there is always a need to prepare for surprises. Fire or water damage cannot usually be predicted. In these situations, renovation assistance is often needed on a tight schedule, with a comprehensive network of reliable operators that can be found at short notice.

A maintenance project or unexpected damage can easily fully take up a person’s working hours for a short time, but the resource requirements are not always evenly timed. In these cases, professional construction and maintenance work acquired as a service is available flexibly as needed.

With professional supervision, both the property owner and the tenants avoid unpleasant surprises

The property owner’s own resources are not always enough for everything, and it is therefore a good idea to turn to an expert.  The task of a construction expert is to ensure that the interests of the owner and the property strategy and goals are taken into account in renovations and alterations.  

Often, a specialist in construction is involved at the negotiating stage of rental contracts. As a professional, they are able to give interested tenants a price estimate of possible modifications and to quickly say what kind of modifications to the property are possible and sensible, and how much they would cost.

If a tenant of a property wants to carry out renovations at their own expense, we will monitor the project to ensure that the solution works with regard to the property, technology and other users.