Avara has transformed the resident experience of its properties–more than 8,000 homes now jointly handled by Avara and Realia

Avara and Realia Management have signed a cooperation agreement. In the future, Realia will be responsible for the services for 8,000 rented apartments.

Avara and Realia Management have signed an agreement whereby Realia will be responsible for the local services, customer services, property management and apartment viewing services for approximately 8,000 rental property assets of Avara-managed companies. The agreement covers existing residential property portfolios as well as apartments that will be built in the coming years, including in various parts of Finland.

“Avara has renewed its entire property management service model to improve the tenant experience and quality of service. This agreement with Realia is an important part of our new policy. Our good experience in collaborating with Realia makes this a natural continuation of our work together,” says Avara Oy’s chief operating and development manager Tuomas Rantsi.

Realia was already responsible for some Avara-managed properties, but the new agreement will significantly expand the cooperation between the two companies. The first properties under the agreement will be transferred to Realia at the beginning of 2020. The rest of the Avara properties will be transferred to Realia by 1 May 2020.

“I am very glad that our cooperation with Avara continues and is expanding. Avara is the largest property investment and asset management company in Finland, and we want to continue to offer a first-class service to both Avara and its tenants,” says Realia Management’s property management services director Lasse Käck.

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Lasse Käck, director, Realia Management Oy, tel. +358 400 419 299, firstname.lastname@realia.fi

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